Eye Exams in Manhattan Beach, CA

Proper vision care starts at Manhattan Eye Optometry. We provide comprehensive eye exams in Manhattan Beach, CA to patients of all ages, including children over the age of 4. With a full profile of your eye health and any conditions you may be living with, we’re able to provide the individualized vision care you need to preserve your sight and ocular health.

Woman who needs an eye exam in Manhattan Beach, CA

Specialized Vision Treatment

Our practice offers eye examinations and vision treatment for a variety of vision disorders. We aim to help you understand your disorder and will explain it to you in detail. Following diagnosis, we can provide you with contacts and eyeglasses to correct vision impairments whenever possible.

Computer Vision Stress Disorder

Whether you’re having difficulty focusing on a computer screen, suffering from headaches, poor posture, or experiencing eye fatigue and blurriness when reading; it could be the result of a condition called computer vision stress disorder.

We can recommend the following to help alleviate your symptoms:

  • Single vision glasses or computer bifocal lenses to improve your overall condition
  • For contact lens wearers, we offer computer fatigue glasses that block the harmful blue light spectrum, which are worn over the contact lenses
  • Counseling on effective computer ergonomics, focusing on proper lighting, posture and computer placement.

Ophthalmic Medicine

Our practice can help relieve eye pain and discomfort with ophthalmic medicine. Whether you’re dealing with infection, inflammation, dryness or eye allergies, we offer a diagnosis, then provide treatment specific to your problem through the use of supplements and medications.

Aviation Vision

Gary M. Lazarus, O.D., Ph.D., F.A.A.O., is certified by the American Optometric Association to perform the Aviation Vision Test required by the FAA as a prerequisite for a pilot’s license.

Additional Vision Services

-Driver’s License (DMV) Vision Test -Lasik and Laser Refractive Eye Surgery Consultation and Surgical Evaluation -Strabismus and Amblyopia Binocular Vision Evaluation